Our history

Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church was established in July 2014 with the union of the former congregations of Queen’s Park and Govanhill Trinity.

In 2017, an updated volume of our church history was compiled to mark 150 years since the founding of the first church to worship in our building at 170 Queen’s Drive. This volume is available below:

One Fifty at One Seventy:
The Story of Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church from 1867 – 2017

by Malcolm D. MacSween & Elijah W. Smith

Front Cover-01

1. Our Early History
2. The Late 19th Century: a Period of Rapid Growth
3. Into the 20th Century
4. The Great War & its Aftermath
5. A Second World War
6. The Post-War Era
7. The Late 20th Century
8. The Millennium
9. Queen’s Park Govanhill
Conclusion: Beyond 150 at 170

Front Matter
Appendix I: The Church in Scotland from the Reformation in 1560
Appendix II: Queen’s Park Govanhill Parish Church Family Tree

The late Jane Haining was a member of the former congregation of Queen’s Park West Parish Church, a previous incarnation of Queen’s Park Govanhill. From 1932, she served as matron for the Girls’ Home of the Jewish Mission Station at Budapest and was arrested in 1944. That same year, Ms Haining died as a Christian martyr on 17 July. She is one of ten Scots thought to have died in Nazi extermination camps. Read more about Jane Haining here.

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