Local, national and international resources.

Christian Aid

‘Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality.’

Christians Against Poverty

An organisation whose aim is to ‘release people from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes.’

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

An organisation that works for ‘religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, in the pursuit of justice.’

Church of Scotland The website of our national Church.
Community Renewal

An organisation that works to ‘transform communities by engaging and supporting people to get involved in community activity and to improve health, learning and employment.’


A charity that works ‘through local churches in poor communities around the world to release children from poverty.’


The Church of Scotland‘s social care council.

Daisy Chain Early Years Project

One of CrossReach‘s Children and Family Services, Daisy Chain is a project in Govanhill that ‘uses play-based interventions to improve the lives and life chances of children under 8, be ensuring they are safe, healthy, included, nurtured and engaged.’

Faith in Community Scotland

A charity that ‘walks together with people of faith in support of our economically poorest communities.’

Glasgow Presbytery The website of our local Presbytery.
Govanhill Baths

A ‘community hub based in the heart of Govanhill providing free Health and Wellbeing educational workshops and classes for the local community free of charge’

Govanhill Housing Association

‘Since its foundation in 1974 Govanhill Housing Association has worked hard within the local community to improve living conditions.’

Govanhill Community Development Trust

A subsidiary of Govanhill Housing Association that works to ‘develop physical, social, economic and environmental regeneration initiatives additional to the mainstream housing development programmes’ in Govanhill.

GREAT Gardens

A subsidiary of Govanhill Housing Association that ‘offers an employability pathway to young trainees, enabling them to learn new skills and preparing them for the world of work, so that they are better equipped to move on to further training, education or employment itself.’

Leprosy Mission Scotland

A member of ‘a global partnership bringing healing and justice to people affected by leprosy.’

Lodging House Mission

A charity dedicated to ‘providing care and support to homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded people.’

Milk Cafe

A social enterprise in Govanhill ‘set up to empower and promote the integration of ethnic minority women who live in Glasgow.’

South Seeds

A community organisation based in Govanhill, which aims ‘to work in partnership with residents and organisations within the local community to help improve the look and feel of the area.’


A charity established in order to ‘help bring aid to Uganda’s most vulnerable children.

The Well Multicultural Resource Centre

A charity that ‘provides help and support to the diverse communities in South East Glasgow.’

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