Pathfinder Challenges

We will be posting different challenges for our Pathfinders to take part in over lockdown. Have a look down this page and see what you can do to keep moving and keep boredom away. Remember to send us pictures or crafts you do so we can share them with everyone and bring people some joy while we are all inside and at home.

Painting Easter Eggs

This week we challenged our pathfinder to paint their own easter eggs and to send us a picture of them. Here they are so far. 

easter eggs painted

Making your own Crosses

This week we asked our Pathfinders to create crosses using what they had in their homes. Here are some of the crosses they managed to create. Picture1crosses


Crosses in Plain Sight

At the beginning of Lent our pathfinders were challenged to find Crosses hidden in pain sight around their homes, when out and about, or anywhere they spotted them,. We asked them to take a picture and send it to us. Here are the Crosses we have so far. If you spot a cross somewhere send it to us at and well will feature them on here. We look forward to seeing them and well done to everyone who has sent them in so far!

image0 (3)

Sunday Craft 16/7/2020

We hope you are having fun completing these crafts! Last week we found out about Moses! This week we are talking about patience. So this week we are going to have to be patient when baking and wait for it to be ready! You can find the recipe to try below and let us know how you get on!

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 09.58.40

Well done to everyone who sent in a picture of their cakes, they look delicious!

Sunday Craft 19/7/2020

This week we have been hearing all about Moses! Download the craft below and send your versions to us at!

Moses Craft

moses roll

Sunday Craft 12/7/2020

This week we have been finding out that God made each of us Unique! This week’s craft is a bit different and could be a bit messy so make sure you do it somewhere that can be cleaned easily! We want you to make something out of snow! That is because as well as making us all unique God made each and every snowflake unique too! How amazing is that! Download the instructions below for the craft and send us pictures of your completed craft to so we can share them here with everyone!

Fake Snow Instructions

Here are the completed crafts sent in to us:

pathdinfer 1

Sunday Challenge 5/7/2020

This week we have been looking at ‘who am I’. So our challenge for you this week is to think about who you want to be. Have a think about what you want to do when you grow up. You might wan to be a Doctor, Teacher or Footballer. Remember you can be whatever you want! So below is a template for you to fill out. Tell us what you want to be when you grow up and draw us a picture! Then send ti to us at so we can share it with everyone!

Here are the ones we have had sent back so far:


Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 22.03.28

Sunday Challenge 28/6/2020

This week David asked us to try baking a flat bread. Here is the recipe to download. We hope you had fun trying this out. Remember to send pictures of them to us at so we can show them to everyone here! below are some that have been sent in already.

Quick and Simple flatbreads

Weekly challenge

This week our challenge is a selfie challenge:

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 06.46.37

Remember to send us your photos to be featured in the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday 21st of June craft

This week we were talking about Superheroes and how Jesus is our superhero. This week the challenge was so draw your favourite superhero and to send it to us at so that we can share them with everyone! Our first one is here! Well done, and we are looking forward to receiving more.


Sunday 14th June 2020 craft

Remember to send your completed crafts to

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 21.58.40

Mid-week challenge!

This week we have a memory game. See how many you can remember! Email us your highest score!

Sunday craft – 7/14/2020

This weeks craft is below. Remember to send a picture fo your craft to so that we can upload it here and on our social media platforms!


Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 16.53.04

Mid-week Challenge

Can you name all the movies from these pictures? Email your answers to

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 14.12.15

Pentecost Craft

This week we tuned into the Moderators Pentecost service as we were invited along with all the other Churches across Scotland to tune in as a coming together of all the churches. This meant that we didn’t have a craft. However we decided to publish our own craft, so here it is! Remember to sent your finished craft to so that we can share them with everyone!

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 17.41.40

Daily exercises

One of our pathfinders has sent us a photo of themselves on their daily exercise. If you have a photo to share with us of your daily exercise either of yourself or of something you spot send it to us and we will feature it here and on our social media platforms.

Sunday 24/5/20 craft

Remember to send your completed crafts to so that we can show them off to everyone!Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 11.50.19


Mid week challenge!

This weeks mid week challenge, although slightly later than planned is a small baking challenge! Shortbread! Remember to send in your pictures to us once you’ve managed to make it. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday activity 17/5/2020

This week our pathfinders were asked to create and send a card to someone they knew who might need some love in their life and to show them Jesus love for them. As well as sending them to the person who they thought needed love they were to send them to us via email also so that we could spread Jesus love to all.

Our pathfinders have bee hard at work creating cards to show Jesus love for us all. Here are their cards:

Weekend Activity

Each week we are going to try to upload an activity to keep you busy over the weekend. This week we have put up a short time capsule for you to try so you can look back on it and remember what was happening just now. Let us know how you get on with it!

My COVID-19 Time Capsule

Weekly challenge



Sunday 10th May 2020 Craft

Download the PDF below for this weeks craft! Remember to try and figure out which way is north from where you are facing!

Compass Craft

Here is the first two we have had sent in from Sunday! Well done to everyone taking part and remember to send them in so that they can all be featured here:

Weekly Challenge


Well done to our pathfinder who sent in their completed scavenger hunt! Keep checking back for more activities to try!


Sunday 3rd May 2020 craft

This weeks craft to try! Once you’ve finished it send it into us at and we will display it here and on our facebook and twitter pages!

kids craft

Well done to our pathfinders for completing this craft! Here is one that was sent in!


Mid-week activity 1!

It’s a recipe for french toast, in a mug! You will need an adult to help you with some of it. Let us know how you get on with it! Download the recipe and instructions below and enjoy!


Pathfinder Challenge (26/4/20) Something to try outside while the weather is nice.


This year the Church were planning a huge event for next Saturday to celebrate World Earth Day and to help us become a more eco-friendly congregation. We can’t have our special day but we can challenge you to complete any 4 different activities and to send us photos of them. You can do these any time between today which is World Earth Day and Saturday. Take your time and work hard! Send us pictures of what you’ve done ( or send us a private message on Facebook) so that we can feature them here and on our website and twitter page! Find the challenges by downloading the documents below!

World Earth Day challenges 2020

Lego Earth Day Challenges

Challenge 3 (19/4/20) A Scavenger hunt and an Emoji quiz of bible stories and people in the bible! Can you name them all? Plus the template and example for this weeks craft!


Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 20.02.49

craft 19th

We have some other challenges for you to try during the week. There are 15 eggs hidden in this image, can you find them all?


Our pathfinders have been hard at work this week painting eggs and rolling them in the house! Below are some of the eggs they decorated and a card sent to us wishing us all a happy easter!

Challenge 2 (12/4/19)


Some of our Pathfinders sent in their palm Sunday pictures after last weeks service. Well done everyone for your pictures. You can still send in your pictures to the church email and we will feature them here, on our Facebook page and the Twitter feed too!

Challenge 1 (5/4/19)